Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will my child spend on a computer?

This will vary depending on the age of your child.
In the first 3 years of school, computer usage is very limited. Children may spend 5- 15minutes using an educational app or game on the ipad or one of the desktop computers 2 or 3 times a week. Children may also use the ipads to record video clips and photos as part of their inquiry topic learning.
In Years 4 - 5, children are learning to use Google Docs and will do some of their writing on a chromebook and may also use it to research their inquiry topics. At this level children may spend up to 20% of their learning time on a device.
In Years 6-8 children bring their own device to school and will be using it for a large part of the day. Nearly all written tasks will be done using a Google app, and children may spend up to 80% of their learning time using a device.

What will my child be using a computer for?

Children in Years 1-3 use carefully selected educational games on the internet or ipad app. They also take photos and record video of their learning activities.

From Year 4 children learn how to use a range of Google based tools - staring with Google Docs and Slide Shows. They will also be using Mathletics at school and at home to practice basic facts and mathematical concepts.

Children are taught to use the internet to find the answers to their questions. They will be researching online.

A small number of children also use internet based applications such as Lexia to support their literacy learning. These children should be accessing Lexia for 10-30 minutes per day, depending on their age.

Why does the ICT user agreement need to be signed every year?

Netsafe recommend that schools ask students to resign a user agreement every year as doing so ensures that there is an ongoing discussion around responsible use,security and safety issues.

Are children allowed to use their devices during break times?

Usually no.
Some of our seniors run a Code Club at lunch time one day a week and children from Y5-8 may choose to participate in this.

Why isn't the ICT User Agreement written in a way that young children can understand?

We adopted our current user agreement in 2015, and simply copied it from another school that we knew was doing a really good job of managing their eLearning. We will in time create our own version, but for now this is what we have. The board in 2015 felt that this user agreement fully covered everything that needed to be covered.

What should parents say to their children about the ICT User Agreement?

We ask that parents talk with their children about the ICT Agreement when signing, even if it is just to make clear to your 5 year old that computers and ipads at school are for learning and that the teacher is in charge of how they will be used.

Older children will need to participate in a different discussion at home; perhaps around the topics that they search the internet for, or appropriate use of a device camera to film or take photos. As parents you know your children best, and the concerns you have for their use of technology and safety should guide the discussion that you choose to have around the ICT User Agreement.

Do teachers teach children how to use the internet safely?

Yes - this is an important part of the Ridgway curriculum.

What about cyber bullying?

Bullying of any kind must be dealt with immediately so that it stops. Teachers will cover cyber safety and online bullying as part of our normal teaching programme. If your child is the victim of inappropriate online behaviour, please contact their teacher.

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