There are a number of different ways that we communicate with our Ridgway families. In all our communications, we aim to be clear and provide you with all the information you and your child/children need.

Information is provided via email, our website and, occasionally, text message. Families also have the option to follow us on twitter and facebook to share in our celebrations and see photos of all the wonderful things that are happening at our school.

You will notice that across these different lines of communication there can be some repetition. There are often important notices that need to be communicated more than once to increase the chance that they will be read by all our families. We know different families access our information in different ways.

We always endeavour to send messages out in a timely manner but there will be times when communications come out at short notice.

Please talk to your child's whānau team if you are unclear on how to get information on any aspect of your child's education.

Here is an explanation of what you can expect to receive from us.


  • Weekly email from your child's whānau team with information on the week that has been and what is coming up

  • Weekly or fortnightly (depending on the time of year) newsletter email from the Deputy Principal with a link to the newsletter with important points highlighted

  • Direct emails from your child's teacher that relate specifically to your child when required

  • Occasional whole school emails with information about events, health issues, surveys, etc.


  • Newsletter links

  • School calendar - we encourage you to check this regularly. You can copy events relevant to your child directly into your own online calendar.

  • General information about what's happening

  • General information about the school

  • Facebook feed

Text message:

We use these only very occasionally when we need to share information urgently or when information has come to us at the last minute and needs to be shared quickly.


This is your child's personal learning portfolio. Here you will see updates on their learning and find information that would have previously been seen on a written report.


  • Information about upcoming events

  • Celebrations

  • Photos (please speak to your whānau team if you have any concerns about your child's photo appearing on social media)

  • Reminders

  • Links to newsletters

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