Why isn't the ICT User Agreement written in a way that young tamariki can understand?

We have adopted a user agreement provided by Net Safe. This agreement is discussed in class at the start of the year so that tamariki understand what it is about.

What should parents say to their tamariki about the ICT User Agreement?

We ask that parents talk with their tamariki about the ICT Agreement when signing, even if it is just to make clear to your 5 year old that computers and ipads at school are for learning and that the teacher is in charge of how they will be used.

Older tamariki will need to participate in a different discussion at home; perhaps around the topics that they search the internet for, or appropriate use of a device camera to film or take photos. As parents you know your tamariki best, and the concerns you have for their use of technology and safety should guide the discussion that you choose to have around the ICT User Agreement.

Ridgway School ICT User Agreement

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