Reporting to Whānau

Ridgway School formally reports to parents about the progress their tamariki have made in their learning via a digital portfolio and Learning Conferences. We want to keep parents up to date and fully informed about their child's learning so provide frequent written reporting on all aspects of the curriculum continuously throughout the year.

Digital Portfolio

Every child has a Spotlight digital portfolio which parents access through our @school parent portal or our @school parent app and this is our main way of reporting on progress and achievement. Throughout the year teachers and students add samples of work along with comments that explain how the piece of work shows where the student is at in their learning. We encourage parents to also make comments on their children's posts to acknowledge the effort and progress they are making.

Learning Conferences

We will hold Learning conferences early in Term 2 and early in Term 4. These conferences are important for helping parents to understand how they can support their child's learning at home and for helping the teacher better understand each individual child.

Parent Portal

Parents are encouraged to access the @school Parent Portal or the @school parent app on their phone to view their child's assessment and achievement results. If you have questions about these results contact your child's teacher. If you can't access the portal contact our office staff to get a user name and password.

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