How much time will my child spend on a computer?

This will vary depending on the age of your child.
It will also vary depending on the topic of study and your child's learning preferences.

Years 1 - 3

In the first 3 years of school, computer usage is very limited. Children may spend 5- 15minutes using an educational app or game on the ipad or one of the desktop computers 2 or 3 times a day. Children may also use the ipads to record video clips and photos as part of their inquiry topic learning. They may also go a whole day or even a week without even touching an ipad!

Years 4 - 5

In Years 4 - 5, children are learning to use Google Docs and will do some of their writing on a chromebook. They will use Chromebooks to research their inquiry topics and to record what they've found out.
At this level children may spend up to 20% of their learning time on a device.

Students may bring their own devices to school and we encourage them to do so as it allows them to have ready access to complete a task on line when and how they want to.

Years 6 - 8

In Years 6-8 children need to bring their own device to school and will be using it more frequently throughout the day. Nearly all written tasks will be done using a Google app, and children may use a device in some way for up to 70% of their day. However even at the top end of usage, the actual screen time would be much less because of the way learning is structured.

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