Owhiro Bay Stream Planting

On Friday June 26th, Room 6 and 7 will be walking to Owhiro Bay to plant some trees. 1000 trees have been allocated by the WCC for students of Owhiro Bay School, St Bernards and Ridgway, as part of the ‘Love your Water programme’. All the students will be planting on that day, at different times. The event is being organised by Oliver Vetter from ‘Sustainable Coastlines’. There will be a presentation prior to the trip, based on clean water, the issues facing freshwater in NZ and riparian planting. Room 6 and 7 will be leaving school at 11.00 for the walk to Owhiro Bay. Everyone will have lunch at the planting site and return to school for the end of the day. Both classes are looking forward to the trip and are hoping for fine weather!

Bronze Reflection 

Did you know that Ridgway is an Enviroschool?

Well we are! An Enviroschool is a community that has made a commitment to 

actively working towards a sustainable future. 

When the student enviro team were asked what being an enviroschool 

means to them, they wrote: ‘Doing things that are good for and help the 

environment.’ ‘Students that are empowered and involved in learning 

about the environment.’ ‘To reduce uses like electricity.’ ‘To reduce, reuse, 

recycle.’ ‘To be in a healthier community.’

The enviro team are keen to share with the community some of the projects 

that are currently going on at school and to inform everyone that we are going 

for an Enviroschool’s Bronze Award this term.

Last term Ms Green and the enviro team worked on Ridgway’s enviro journey 

that can be seen in the entrance to the school. As you can see we’ve been 

busy! We now have efficient recycling systems, a garden club, enviro teaching 

and learning AND we’re a schoolgen school with solar panels helping to keep 

our power costs down.

In fact we’ve got so many projects going on that we believe we meet the 

criteria to become a Bronze Enviroschool. We look forward to sharing this 

journey with you later in the term.

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