French & English bilingual class

Tawatawa - Ridgway is the only school in the whole Wellington region that offers bilingual education in French and English for tamariki in Years 1 - 6. Children in Ruru La Chouette (our bilingual class) learn the NZ curriculum in French for approximately 60% of the time and learn in English for the rest. There are many opportunities for tamariki in Ruru La Chouette to learn alongside their peers in other classes and Ruru La Chouette is fully integrated into the life of Tawatawa - Ridgway.  Follow this link for more information...


We offer German language lessons for both beginners and for native speakers of German. We have a qualified German teacher who comes into our school and teaches two classes, one for our beginners and one for those with German as their Muttersprache. With a big German speaking community at our school, it is important to us to offer these language lesson to both those who already have German language skills and those who wish to learn.

German language lessons are currently on hold while we look for a new German teacher. 

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