Photo of girl student


Ridgway is a PB4L school. This means that we promote Positive Behaviour for Learning both in and out of the classroom.
We teach our children how to be respectful, resilient, responsible and resourceful, so that they can learn and achieve their goals.


(Assebly presentation T3, 2018)

The Mental Health foundation's Wellbeing page lists 5 ways to stay well. By doing these things we look after the wellbeing of our head and our heart. This helps us to build resilience.


(assembly presentation 2016)

Ormie the pig is resourceful. Ormie doesn't give up even when his goal is hard to reach. He keeps trying and thinking of new ways to reach his goal. Ormie uses all of the resources that are available to him, to achieve success. Ormie thinks creatively to solve his problem.

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