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Term 2, Week 1, 2017

Teachers are Learners Too

I'm still working on this!  Check back later for the finished version. k

 Teaching is a profession that is now in a time of considerable change.  While teachers have always engaged in working to develop and build up their expertise and knowledge of how children learn, there are now many more complexities to the teaching role than ever before.  Technology is an important factor, but so is the impact of social and economic change and the pressures these place on families and young people.  The spotlight on schools and the work of teachers shines brighter (and harsher) than ever before. It is to schools that our communities and politicians look to provide young people with what they need to overcome the challenges they face in making their way in the world we live in. Never before has so much been expected of teachers.

Children do not come to school with the same learning needs and achieving at school is much more than learning a set of facts or completing the work set out in a text book.  To be the teacher that can teach every student in a class the knowledge or skills that each individual must learn today, across the breadth of the curriculum everyday, requires an extreme level of expertise.  

Teachers must continually work to stay up to date with the education research that guides our practice, but our learning does not stop there. It's easy to list the

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