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Gala 2014

I have been blown away at the energy and drive of the Ridgway community in making the Gala a wonderful success.  Our group of key organisers did a fantastic job of sharing out the work among parents, and there were many many people helping.  Thank you to all that did their bit. It really does make a difference!

I was totally impressed with the way our parents were able to run the gala without it interfering in classroom programmes and children's learning.  Thank you so much for that also!

It appears that we've made over $19,000.  Fabulous!

Next term the Board of Trustees will host an evening for parents to 

  1. find out more about the work of the BOT, 
  2. find out more about our upcoming refurbishment work 
  3. to give feedback about how the school is going and..... 
  4. express their views on how the gala funds should be spent.

I would like to see the money raised at the gala go towards enhancing our outdoor environment.  In this way the whole community can enjoy the benefits of the gala.  Many families use our grounds out of school time, and I hope that this continues.  Your presence here at the weekends and in the holidays is good for our security.  If there are always people here, there is less opportunity for those that come only to ruin and destroy to wreck havoc on our property.

It would be great to see new rubbish bins, new drinking fountains, seating and shade.  I'd also love to see a garden shed for storing our garden tools and recycling bins.  When I'm really dreaming big, I'm imagining the path down to the field being made wider and safer.  

I took over 350 photos at the gala.  Some of these are on display in the foyer areas of the office.  I'll put others up on display, soon.  If there is a photo of someone special to you, that you'd love to have, let me know so that I can send it to you.


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