Keeping Ridgway Bully Free

Bullying is a social problem that can have a serious and long lasting impact on those who are targeted.

At Ridgway we work hard to provide children with an environment where bullying cannot thrive and take all reports of bullying behaviour very seriously. We do a range of things to teach children how to recognise and respond to bullying and also to preserve a school culture where bullying has no place.

  • we teach children how to be respectful, responsible, resilient, and resourceful
    • mini lessons each week
    • "R card" used to acknowledge positive behaviours
  • Teachers are trained to use positive behaviour management strategies
  • teachers actively supervise play areas during morning tea and lunch times
  • all children are taught ways to peacefully resolve conflict
  • senior students are trained as peer mediators and are available at break times to help younger children to resolve conflict in a peaceful way
  • circle time is used in classes to discuss and resolve problems
  • Friends programme is taught across the school to help children manage their emotions and anxiety

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