Newsletter Wednesday 18 August 2021 - Level 4

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa

We hope that everyone's mental health is holding up as we find ourselves in Level 4. As there is a big unknown in terms of how long this lockdown will last, we want to minimise stress for our families, children and staff over the next three days.

We have put together a few suggestions from each team in the school. These suggestions are ways to keep the learning going at home, if you wish to and if it works for your family. No stress or pressure from the school about the completion of these tasks.


  • Reading: Login to the sunshineonline website as student, Login - ridgway, password - ridgway [DON'T DOWNLOAD THE APP!!] There are different levels of emergent reading books and beyond. (Many of the stories are interactive, and have follow up activities). It only takes a couple of usages with supervision for the students to find books independently.

  • Maths: How many books do you think will cover the dining table or your bed or a mat? Take a photo to share when we get back.

  • STEM: Build a sculpture out of your toys and take a photo of it to share when we get back.


  • Reading: (add to your Book Log with any of the following: being read to, reading to yourself or others, Reading Eggs/Reading Eggspress)

  • Maths: Basic facts practice (addition/subtraction within 20 or times tables to 10)

  • Writing: Free Writing (draw a picture, label it and/or write a story about it and bring back to school to share)


  • Reading: Sunshine Online or reading chapter books (Lexia using for the login or Reading Eggs for those who currently use these programmes)

  • Maths: Mathletics and basic facts practice

  • Writing: Practice using paragraphs in story writing


  • Maths: Mathletics, and for those who are really keen there is Khan Academy assigned tasks on Spotlight.

  • Reading: Keep reading their favourite book at home. This is a great opportunity to work on your Reading Google Site and look at your 50 book challenge and add reviews of those you have already read.

  • Writing: Write a recount of what is happening for you at home during this lockdown, or you can continue writing your story that you are already working on.

  • Artsplash: Learn the words for our Artsplash performance and the sign language actions for "Take it Easy." Practise, as best you can, Dance routine and new moves. Watch link for ideas


  • Grammar: Year 3-4-5-6 (Révision: Verbes être/avoir/aller présent)

  • Maths:

    • Years 0/1 : counting in French and English, writing numbers

    • Year 2 & 3 : 2 and 3 times tables

    • Year 4 : 4 and 6 times tables

    • Years 5 & 6 : Maths work as assigned by mainstream class

  • Writing: All year levels - writing in French:

    • Years 0/1 - draw a picture and label

    • Year 2 and all other non-Delf students - writing a story

    • Delf Prim préparation (Year 3 (Sun, Markian), year 4, 5 + Iloha)

Sujet: Tu as passé le week-end dernier chez ton cousin. Tu écris une lettre à un ami français pour lui raconter. (8 lignes)

  • Raconte ce que tu as fait.

  • Dis ce que tu as aimé.

  • Dis ce que tu n'as pas aimé.

  • Dictées: (optional) juste 2 promis :) Years 4, 5, 6, + Sun et Markian

Dictée d'entraînement 2 - Parents to read aloud for students

Mon oncle possédait un vieux manoir du côté de Toulouse. Même si j'étais certain de parvenir à le restaurer, beaucoup en doutaient.

Dictée d'entraînement 3

Malgré la toiture qui fuyait et l'électricité qu'il fallait refaire, le vieil homme tomba sous le charme de cette élégante demeure.

Jump Jam

Great news, free JUMP JAM routines available online, during this lockdown period.

You are welcome to share this link with all your students. and have some fun, while stuck at home.

Caretaker Job - 5 hours a week

We need a handy person to join our staff team and take care of our grounds, bikes and buildings. The position will initially be for 5 hours a week, until we work out how big the job actually is, so we need someone who has the flexibility to work longer on some days when there is work to do.

The work consists of general maintenance of grounds, gardens, playgrounds and school buildings, as well as the maintenance of the school cycle fleet. See our job description here.

Our ideal person would also be able to work alongside children at times.

If this sounds like you, please send your CV to Raelene Sloper by 7 September 2021.

Vacancy on the Board of Trustees

The Board is responsible for the governance of our school and supports the principal and teachers to make sure that the school is run in the best interests of our students and our community.

A member of the Ridgway Board has resigned, and this position can either be filled by selecting a new member or by holding a by-election. The Board has decided to fill the current vacancy by selection and therefore is required to give the following notice:

Ridgway Board of Trustee Casual vacancy for an elected trustee

A casual vacancy has occurred on the Ridgway board of trustees for an elected parent representative.

The board has decided to fill the vacancy by selection.

If 10% or more of eligible voters on the school roll ask the board, within 28 days of this notice being published, to hold a by-election to fill the vacancy, then a by-election will be held.

Request for a by-election should be sent to: Chairperson

Or by post to Ridgway School, 120 Mornington Road, Brooklyn, Wellington 6021

by: Wednesday 15th September 2021

If there is no request to hold a by-election we will be looking to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. If you are interested in finding out more about joining the board please chat to one of the current members or email us on

Ngā mihi

Sarah Taylor

Deputy Principal

Ridgway School

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