Newsletter Friday 20 August 2021 - Level 4

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa

First and foremost, we hope everyone out there is doing OK. For many of us, Level 4 means juggling work and family and multiple children and pets and mental health and not being able to live our normal life while trying to keep it together for our children and no bread at the supermarket and track pants not really fitting around the waist anymore and….it's tough.

But….deep breath whānau...we are staying in Level 4 until at least Tuesday.

We have been working on our plan for distance learning next week. At this stage, we are only planning for next week in Level 4 and will review this once more information becomes available.

By Monday morning your child's kaitiaki teacher will have emailed you the plan for the week. The Year 4 - 8 students will also be emailed directly. The younger tamariki will be emailed via their parents. All children will have (optional) daily check-ins with their kaitiaki teacher. These are to provide a connection time for your child with their teacher and the other children in their class.

These are the check-in times for your child with their kaitiaki teacher:

Kaka: 9am

Ruru Year 4 - 6: 9:30

Ruru Year 1 - 3: 10 am

Tui: 10am

Kotare: 10.30

Kukupa: 11am

The links to the googlemeets can be found in Kaitiaki Catch Ups.

The Ministry of Education are making it possible for us to loan out chrome books and ipads under Level 4. Please fill out this Device Form as soon as possible if you would like one for your child. Last time in lockdown we didn't give them all out and we know that there were some siblings sharing devices. Year 4 - 8 children especially will need a device. Please do borrow one if your children don't have their own. We have enough to lend!

To finish, we understand that whatever your family is going through as we deal with this pandemic on our shores is unique to your family and it isn't easy. If you have any questions or need support, please get in touch with us. If the plan your teacher sends out doesn't work for your situation, we get it. Get in touch and we can sort something out.

Take care and look after each other. Kia noho haumaru.

Ngā mihi

Sarah Taylor

Deputy Principal

Ridgway School

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