Newsletter Thursday 21 May 2020

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa - warm greetings to all.

Here we are at school in Level 2! A big welcome to all our new students who turned 5 over lockdown and have now joined our Ridgway whānau. We look forward to welcoming those who have turned 5 but are delaying their start with us for a couple of weeks. It's been so lovely to be back at school and see children reconnect with each other. The smiles are huge!

Volunteers for Tree Planting - Tuesday 26 May

One of our parents has kindly donated around 50 native and exotic trees and shrubs. We are looking for a few volunteers to come in with their spades on Tuesday afternoon to help dig holes and plant. Let me know if you're able to help. Thank you to those who have already volunteered their time via our whānau facebook page.

Fundraising for camp

At this stage, we are planning on camp going ahead at the end of Term 3. The cost for this is just under $400 for the Year 7 and 8s and around $300 for the Year 5 and 6s per child for three nights. We know that in order for camp to go ahead, we need to do some serious fundraising to bring this cost down. We also know that given the economic uncertainty this is not an ideal time to be fundraising. We would like some feedback from our community about whether our families are happy to support camp this year and the fundraising that this will involve. Please email with your thoughts. If we don't get any feedback, we will take that as a sign of support for fundraising and the camps so please do get in touch with your opinion.

Portacoms on the field

As you may have noticed, the building work on the field is well underway. They are expecting to crane the big pieces in on Monday and Tuesday next week. This may impact on traffic around the school (particularly on The Ridgeway as it will be down to one lane). Remember you can find out more about the building project by reading Kathryn's building diary.

Upgrade of the zig zag track

Work on the upgrade of this track is going to start at the end of this term. The track will become safer as an erosion mat will be put on the rock to stop loose rocks falling onto the path. There will be a wooden fence built and we are planning an art project to decorate this fence. This upgrade was funded by the profits from our fair last year and the lovely people at the Vogelmorn Foundation!

Teacher Only Day Cancelled

Just to let you know that we will not be taking the teacher only day as planned on Friday May 29th.

Sarah Taylor

Deputy Principal

Ridgway School

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