Term 2, Week 2, 2019 (Friday 10 May)

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa - warm greetings to all!

Road Safety Week - Drop & Go and Road Patrol Help

It's been great to see so many of you making the most of our outstanding Drop and Go crew, hopefully making your mornings smoother and fostering the tuakana teina relationships within our school.

If you are able to spare 20 minutes in the morning or 10 minutes after school we would love your support with Road Patrol. We only have a few parents at the moment who help us out with this and it is really appreciated, as it allows our staff to get on with the other work they have. If you have a bit of time at either end of the day to help us out then please let sarah@ridgway.school.nz know and she will add you to the roster.

Board Elections

You will soon receive a paper form in the mail about the upcoming board elections. If you wish to nominate someone to stand for election to the Board then you can fill this nomination form out and drop it into the school office. Nominations close at noon on Friday 24 May. We need at least three nominations in order to form a board. If we get between three and five nominations then the board is declared immediately. If there are over 5 nominations then there will be a vote.

If a vote is needed then the voting papers will be posted out by Wednesday 29 May. Election day will be on Friday 7 June. Votes will be counted on Thursday 13 June and results communicated on Friday 14 June and the Board takes office on the same day.

Returning Our Library Books

Please have a hunt around your house and return any library books that your children have finished reading so others are able to enjoy them.

Kahui Ako / Community of Learning

Ridgway School is part of a Kāhui Ako / Community of Learning with six other local primary/intermediate schools, and one secondary (Wellington High). We are delighted to have submitted our Achievement Plan to the Ministry of Education for approval at the end of last term. This is a commitment to work together on wellbeing, inclusion of diversity and future-focused learning.

This term, our schools will focus on the appointment of at least three teachers from our schools who will work with our Kāhui Ako Lead, to develop and implement a strategic plan focused on our Achievement Challenges.

We will also be establishing a Stewardship Group to oversee the progress of the Kāhui Ako and "carry the wishes of our community". Term 2 will also see our schools work together on Year 8 student visits.

Building update

We will continue to post building updates on our website

The board are hoping to be able to bring the concept designs to the community in June. At that point they will seek your feedback to be considered in our final design.

The Fair and the Fence

The final total for the amount of money raised for the fair is $11,065. This includes the $377.70 which was raised by children running their stalls during one lunchtime last term. Money raised from the fair will be put towards a new fence along our zig-zag track. This new fence will also become the "canvas" for a whole school art project. We estimate that this may cost up to $30,000. Work will begin on this fence once the masterplan for our new building is completed.

Bully Free Week next week

Next week is Bully Free Week and we will be taking part in Pink Shirt Day on Friday 17 May to show our stance against bullying and to spread aroha and kindness. Tamariki will be taking part in anti-bullying activities during the week and there is more information here if you're interested.

Sarah Taylor

Deputy Principal

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