Term 2, Week 1, 2019 (Tuesday 30 April)

He mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa - warm greetings to all and welcome to Term 2. We have a busy term ahead of us with a lot of events and activities coming up. These include our school cross country on the 24th of May, the Jump Jam competition, Sign Language Week, Pedal Ready lessons and NZ Music Month in May. You will also receive a nomination form in the mail next week for Board Elections.

Road Safety Week

Next week is Road Safety Week. In preparation for this, our road patrollers are having a refresher to help them keep everyone safe on the crossings. We are also going to have a drop and go' option next week. This means you can drop your children off in the bus stop or the drop off zone and one of our senior students (who will be wearing high vis vests) will take your child into their class. If you are a parent of a younger child then this will mean you don't have to get out of the car and can just drop them off and go! An especially good option on rainy days.

New motto for our school

We are beginning to develop a new motto for our school. We welcome your ideas and will, of course, be asking the tamariki for their contributions too. Please email sarah@ridgway.school.nz if inspiration strikes!

CEM Exams

The University of Canterbury offers children Year 5 and up the opportunity to participate in the Great KIWI English, Mathematics and Science competitions. For further information, please consult the CEM website www.cem.canterbury.ac.nz. The supervised online tests will take place in the last 3 weeks of Term 2 and the first week of Term 3. All participating students will receive a certificate and prizes will be awarded to top students. There is a cost of $9 per exam. Please email sarah@ridgway.school.nz if you would like your child to take part in any of these exams.

Rewena bread making class

When: Saturday, 4 May 2019

Time: 7.30pm

Where: Vogelmorn bowling green kitchen / cafe

Cost: $20

What you will learn: How to look after a Rewena bread bug and how to make it. You will leave the class with a bread that is ready to be left to rise rise and be cooked on Sunday...yum, and your very own jar with Rewena bug ready for your next bread. Written instructions will also be provided.

What to bring: enthusiasm and a large casserole dish (see image of the type I use) or a bowl to put your kneaded bread into. You can then take it home to see what dish you have that can be used to cook your Rewena in.

We will provide the flour, sugar and butter. We will also have a bread cook while we are doing our class, so that you can see the colour and have a taste. And thank you, your support and payment will be given to Ridgway school as part of its fundraising. If you would like to be part of this then please email jo_pohatu@hotmail.com .

French exchange

Check out our community news page on our website for the opportunity for a 3-6 month house swap with a French family!

Have you lost any plates or containers?

We still have a lot of these leftover after the fair. If your tupperware drawer or serving platter collection seems diminished after the bake sale or other event then please come up to the staff room to reclaim yours.

Horses at the fair

Thanks to the lovely people at Wellington City Light Horse Club based at Owhiro Bay. They decided to donate all of the money they made at the school fair to the school!

Sarah Taylor

Deputy Principal

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