Term 4, Week 6, Newsletter 7

Kia ora...

...talofa, ni hao, mālō e lelei, hallo, hola, chomreabsuor, sabaidi, bonjour, namaste, kumaste, kia orana, yassas, as-salam 'alaykum, cześċ, Kon'nichiwa, and hello to all of our families.

After school care 2019

Pridelands are leaving Ridgway at the end of this year. Enjoy Childcare (currently based at St Bernard's School) are taking over the after school care programme and information about them can be found on their website here. Children at our school all know JB who runs this programme as he works as a teacher aide at our school.

The summer reading challenge is back...and better than before!

Research clearly shows that reading over the summer holidays helps to prevent 'summer learning loss'. Plus summer is the perfect time to relax in the sun with a good story!

We are excited to announce that the Summer Reading Challenge is back. Our students will be able to borrow books from our library to read over the summer AND they will also have full access to our growing e-collection. We now have fiction and non-fiction e-Books and audiobooks (these can be downloaded and read offline on any device if you are lucky enough to be going off-grid this summer!)

This challenge is open to all returning students, and is customised to ensure it is achievable and fun for all ages...and there will be incentives and prizes.

You can sign-up at the Scholastic Book Fair or here.

New logo and signage for our school

We are excited that we have our new logo with new signage coming for our school. The story behind our logo can be found on our website here. We are also looking to develop a motto for our school and will be asking for input on this.

Christmas Card Exhibition - Tui trip

In October, the Prime Minister asked the children of New Zealand to send artwork for her annual Christmas card. The College of Creative Arts has the privilege of exhibiting the 570 responses from kids throughout New Zealand. Tūi are heading off to the opening of this exhibition this Wednesday.

Parent Helper Afternoon Tea

We are very grateful to our wonderful Ridgway whānau who come in and help us to make our school the great place it is. We would like to invite all our parents who have helped out to come to a special thank you afternoon tea on Wednesday 5 December at 2.30 in Te Wharenui.

Inspire Family Portrait Opportunity

We need 24 families to take up this opportunity so it can go ahead. We still need some more takers so if you want to have beautiful family portraits taken in time for Christmas then please Follow this link to secure a photo session time. After the photo shoot you'll be able to view and order your photos online from a password protected site (only you will be able to see your photos). Orders will be delivered within 6 weeks. Each sitting costs $15 which goes directly to Ridgway School.

Architect Consultation - change of day!

The architects are no longer able to come tomorrow so the times for consultation on our building work are now as follows:

1. Tuesday 27th November 5.30 - 6.30pm for parents of children in years 0-3

2. Tuesday 27th November 6.30 - 7.30pm for parents of children in years 4-8

3: Wednesday 28th November 5.30-6.30 pm for the Whānau Hui group - please note that anyone can attend this meeting and everyone is welcome even if they are not a member of this group. There will be a focus on thinking about the buildings from a Māori perspective.

Sarah Taylor

Deputy Principal

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