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Term 4, Week 2, 2018

Kia ora...

...talofa, ni hao, mālō e lelei, hallo, hola, chomreabsuor, sabaidi, bonjour, namaste, kumaste, kia orana, yassas, as-salam ‘alaykum, cześċ, Kon'nichiwa, and hello to all of our families.

Welcome back

I hope you have enjoyed spending time with your children over the Christmas break and are feeling recharged and energised for the year to come. What a summer we've had so far! Hopefully it didn't end with that stormy first day of school on Thursday last week. I'd especially like to welcome our new families and look forward to getting to know you over the coming months.

We've also welcomed Martin Anscombe, Jenny Jessep and Sophie Weren to our staff this year and are thrilled with the qualities and strengths they bring to our staff. All teachers and our support staff have been working hard over the past couple of weeks preparing for the year. I'm excited about the events and activities we have planned for the year ahead.

New staff and students at our pōwhiri on the first day of school.

Forward to Learning Evening

Many parents took up the opportunity to meet their child's homegroup teacher at our Forward to Learning Evening last week. Our next formal meeting time is the Goal Setting learning conferences which will be held later this term. If you were not able to make it last week and want to touch base with your child's home group teacher please arrange this directly with them. The best way to contact your child's teacher is via email and all teacher's email addresses can be found on our website.

Mark will send us a copy of his slide show and we will post this up on our website along with the questions (with answers) that were raised on the night. If you have more questions related to Mark's talk or about anything related to how we organise children's learning, please forward them to me for inclusion in our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Learning Conferences for Goal Setting (7 & 8 March)

A strong partnership between home and school is very important for children to be successful at school and learning conferences provide an excellent way to either begin to build this partnership or in some cases to develop it further. Goal setting conferences are a valuable meeting time as they help you get to know your child's homegroup teacher, and help the teacher to understand more about your child's strengths and personality.

Parents and caregivers will be invited to attend Learning Conferences with their child and their child's homegroup teacher during Week 6 of this term (Wed 7 & Thurs 8 March).


Swimming lessons for Kūkupa students begin next week at Little Makos, and for Kākā students at WRAC. Tūi and Kōtare children will attend swimming lessons at Little Makos in Term 2. All lessons are on Tuesdays.

Water safety programmes are a compulsory part of the curriculum for students up to Year 6, and as such schools are not able to charge parents for these lessons. Schools may charge parents for the cost of transport to and from the swimming pool. We don't split out the cost of transport but do ask parents to make a voluntary contribution of $55 per student towards the total cost of our school swimming programme. This amount has remained unchanged for the last 4 years.

We acknowledge that some families will not be able to contribute and will of course ensure that no child misses out on the opportunity to develop this important life skill. If no one chose to make the voluntary contribution for swimming there would be a considerable shortfall in our yearly budget and other learning programmes would be affected and limited. Voluntary donations to support our swimming programme can be made to the office at any time, or if you prefer you can also set up a series of smaller payments. Please discuss payment options with Raelene in our school office.

We have noticed considerable improvement in the swimming ability of our children over the last few years and credit the excellent work of instructors at Little Makos for this improvement. Many of our families also use Little Makos for after school lessons and this allows the instructors to build up a good relationship with the children they teach which leads to improved learning.

Chess Club

Mark van der Hoorn will again be providing tutoring to our Chess Club on Wednesday mornings, starting next week. Chess club is optional activity costing $25 per student per term. If your child wishes to participate please sign them up using the Google form link....

Mark will also be running an afterschool chess club based at St Bernard's School in Brooklyn on Wednesday afternoons, $60 per term (first session free) from Wed 7 Feb.

To enroll or inquire, contact Ivan Moss - ivancmoss@gmail.com or 021 417 025

Before school drop offs and after school pick ups

Drop off and pick up times are always busy and when the weather is not so good or you are running late it can be very tempting to take shortcuts or decide to do something your wouldn't normally do. Please remember that we all have a part to play in keeping every one of our children safe on the way to and from school, as well as while they are here.

Too often we see parents ignoring the road code, either for their personal convenience or because they are distracted. Please take care to avoid...

  1. Parking on yellow lines.
  1. Failing to stop for pedestrians at the crossing when no road patrol is operating.
  2. Parking in restricted areas. There are restrictions in place on both The Ridgeway and Mornington Road near the school's entrances. Drivers must make themselves familiar with these.
We also seek your cooperation in the school grounds and ask that you wait for your children outside the buildings, by the exit your child will use. If you are not sure where this is, please check with your child's homegroup teacher. When parents gather in corridors they block children's access to bags and staff access to classrooms - these things are potential health and safety hazards. Parent conversations can also be a distraction to staff and students. If the weather is nasty we invite you to wait in the library before collecting your child from the usual place.

Walking all or some of the way to school is an excellent way to avoid parking headaches. We encourage parents to join one of our Walking School Bus networks. There are currently 2 routes operating, one from the Vogeltown area and another from the Kingston area. Contact Sue Campbell to find out more about these.


Sushi lunches are on hold due to family illness overseas for our supplier. We will advise when this starts up again.
Pita Pitt lunches every Friday. Please place your order through www.lunchonline.co.nz
New to Ridgway - Subway on Mondays. Please order online, go to www.subwayexpress.co.nz. Click on School Lunch Programme and register against Ridgway School. Sauces can be added to your order on the "Instruction page".

Juicy Fundraiser for Camp

We will continue to sell juicies at lunchtime on Wednesdays and Fridays. Juicies are $2 each. Starting Friday 9th February.

Events coming up this Term

Waka Journey - Friday 23 February - show at school for all year levels

Pedal Ready - all students participating see our school calendar for days & times in Weeks 3 and 4.

Year 5&6 Forrest Lakes camp - week 5, 26-28 March.

Hei konā mai

Kathryn Smith


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