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Y4-8 Learning Conference Feedback

Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback about your Learning Conference experience earlier this term.

We had 8 responses.

6/8 respondents said that they had a good understanding of how their child is doing at school, while 1 said they were unsure. Nearly all respondents said that they knew how to help their child at home or had some idea about how to do this. 1 respondent was still unsure.

Learning Conferences involve parents, teachers, and the student discussing the student's learning. It is important that the child is involved in this discussion as we want them to take responsibility for their learning and be fully aware of what it is they must do to be successful. Sometimes parents would like to have a discussion with their child's teacher, without the child present, and they can arrange for this by contacting the teacher directly. It may be possible to have a brief teacher/parent discussion at the end of the learning conference time, but if time does not permit, parents should arrange another meeting time.

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