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Term 4, Week 3, 2017

Kia ora...

...talofa, ni hao, mālō e lelei, hallo, hola, chomreabsuor, sabaidi, bonjour, namaste, kumaste, kia orana, yassas, as-salam ‘alaykum, cześċ, Kon'nichiwa, and hello to all of our families.


I hope that many of you will be able to join us at our whole school athletics day tomorrow at Newtown Park. We need lots of help to make this day run smoothly and greatly appreciate those of you who have given up your day to be part of the action. Children need to be prepared for all weathers with
  • sunhat
  • water bottle & plenty of kai to last them through a day of physical activity
  • warm clothing and possibly a jacket (depending on forecast)
  • appropriate footwear and clothing for running, jumping and throwing
The school buildings will be closed for the day after the last bus leaves around 9.10am. as all of us will be at the park. If your child is late to school tomorrow, you may need to bring them straight to Newtown Park.

We will put cones out in the bus stop from 8.30am tomorrow so that buses can park. Thank you for your understanding - and for taking care to park your own car responsibly and with respect for others as you drop your own child off.

Parents are encouraged to attend. If you are not carrying out an assigned role, you may want to move around the activities with your child's group. If you do this please make yourself available to the teacher in charge of each event to help out. Please also ensure that your presence does not hinder your child's involvement. Your child will still need to sit with their group and follow all directions given by the event teacher and helpers. If you decide to take your child home early, you must sign them out on the official attendance register which Raelene Sloper will hold. Raelene will be based in front of the stands for the day.

Here's the original Athletics Notice again just in case you need to refer to it.

Cans for Good

Watties sponsor the "Cans for Good" initiative where schools gather cans of food which then get given to the Salvation Army foodbank to increase their food stocks ahead of Christmas.

This year, with your support, we'll be part of this this good work supporting the Salvation Army foodbank to support families who struggle to provide the basics for their children. If you are able to, please send a can (or more) to school by Thursday 2 November.

On Friday 3 November students in every whānau group will create can constructions with our donated cans. We'll take photos of these and enter the Watties Cans for Good competition and possibly even win prizes.


Our Planting In Random Things is underway. Thankyou for sending in cuttings and seedlings that students can plant. Our PIRT sculpture garden is small as yet, but as more students bring in their own Random Thing it will continue to grow.

Walking Schoolbus

Congratulations Kingston residents - your walking school bus is now running. With our Vogeltown bus which has been operating for a number of years, we now have 2 walking school buses.

Students celebrated our walking buses with some breakfast treats last week.

Rigdway Summer Reading Challenge

It is well known that the amount of reading that children do at home is a key determiner of how well they read. To put it simply - the more your child reads at home, the better reader they will become. It's also well known (to teachers at least) that many students who do not read over the summer holidays, suffer a "summer drop" which they have to make up again in the first few months of the new year.

We want to encourage our students to keep reading over summer and have come up with a fun and exciting reading challenge!

The aim of the challenge is to:

  • encourage reading over summer

  • make it fun

  • make it achievable for the reluctant or struggling reader - to ensure this, teachers will help students to help select their books.

The details are:

  • it's free and voluntary and open to all returning students

  • different challenge for different ages

  • students get a summer reading challenge pack with books and cool surprises

  • shelfie (selfie reading a book in interesting places) competition will run along side the reading challenge

  • completion certificate for each student who meets the challenge

  • students who return all their books in the first week of school will go in a draw to win 1 of 3 $20 scholastic vouchers.

  • book selection will take place two weeks prior to the end of term and packs will come home the second to last day of school.

A sign-up form will be sent out shortly so please keep an eye out for it! Let's make reading exciting!

Notes for End of Year organisation

Show - Wed 13 Dec - Riley Centre

Every second year we put on our end of year show in the early evening at Wellington High School's Riley Centre, book this evening event in your calendar now. This year each homegroup will be presenting a dance to the music of a selected decade.

Ione, George, Kurtis, Harry, and Sasha are writing a script for our show.

School wide organisation in 2018

Our schoolwide organisation for 2018 will be posted on our website in Week 5. This will show the teachers who will be teaching in each Whānau team and the number of children and their year levels in each team. There will be some changes to this year's organisation.
Parents who wish to convey information to the principal about their child's learning needs prior to homegroups being sorted will be invited to do so via our official form from the 13th to the 23rd of November. Only information conveyed in this way will be considered. Conversations with teachers or comments made in previous years will not be referred to during the home group sorting process.

If your child is not returning to Ridgway in 2018 please notify our office staff as soon as possible. If your child is not returning to us, but you have not yet enrolled your child in their next school, I urge you to do this as soon as possible. This is especially important if your child is transitioning to either a high school or an intermediate. All schools, including us, need to know who will be present on the first day of school in 2018 in order to plan effective learning programmes and ensure that appropriate staffing is in place. These things are being decided now, so your urgent attention to these matters is needed.

Reports and Learning Conferences

If your child is in Y1-3:
  • Learning Conferences for students who are due for these will be held on the 29th and 30th November
  • only those students who have not had 2 reports already will receive one and this will be sent home on Monday 11 December
  • If your child is not due for a conference and report, but you wish to discuss any aspect of their learning or school experience please contact their homegroup teacher to arrange a meeting.

If your child is in Y4-8:
  • Student's end of year reports will be sent home on Monday 11 December.
  • If you wish to discuss this report, or any aspect of your child's learning or school experience please contact their homegroup teacher to arrange a time.

Noho ora mai
Kathryn Smith

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