I.T. resources

  1. Ridgway School is a modern  school that contains a lot of I.T resources, like Twitter, Facebook and all the Google tools. We also participate in the Scratch community. Scratch is where you learn to code in a fun way. Each student is able to design and code their own games. This teaches them a skill that may help them in a future job, encouraging a new type of learning at the same time.

  2. We also have a supply of computers and laptops put aside for students that are unable to bring their own device. If  your child/children don’t have a device consider getting one, but in the meantime our supplies can do.

  3. For different work we use different tools, like Google docs, slides, and all the helpful Google tools. We also each have a blog, and a central “station” where all the blogs can be found. In our blog we keep our work, to show to our teachers and parents. When we do this, we all work as a team, and we share our technology in a fun and caring way. We all participate in the modern work and we encourage parents  and caregivers to join our community as well.  

By Ione  &  Tiger-Lily
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