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Final Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes

Date: Wednesday 23 October 2019

Time: 7.15 pm

Venue: Staffroom, Ridgway School

Opened with karakia.


  1. Attendees: Barbara Dean, Kathryn Smith, Cushla Thurston, Jo Pohatu, David Eng, Raelene Sloper, and Rachel Kirkman

  2. Apologies: none

  3. New declaration of interests: none.

  4. NZSTA updates: see below

  5. Correspondence: none

  6. Confirmation of Minutes:

Resolved, That the 11 September 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes are accepted and approved (Moved, C Thurston;Seconded, K Smith; Carried, Unanimously).

Outstanding action points from previous meetings: Not discussed.

NZSTA Updates

B Dean and R Kirkman attended "How to Lead an Effective Board".

R Sloper attended "The Role of the Staff Rep".

Key points noted by R Kirkman.:

  • Have a strategy

  • Confirm minutes via email within a week of the meeting (when confirmed post on school website)

  • Staff Rep is a full member of the Board, the voice of the staff comes from the Principal

  • All board members need to be familiar with school polices.

Ridgway's Strategic Aims

Goal 3: Inviting Environment

Property: update.

Information evening with community changed to Tuesday 12 November 6.30pm-7.30pm, so that the Developed Design is not delayed. Before the meeting put plans up in Te wharenui (Big Space) and include in Newsletter/Property Updates.


Questions to ask the Architects before sign off around the Net area and Gross area. Are we getting the Gross area in the rebuild?

ACTION: K Smith to email the Architects.

C Thurston, S Taylor and K Smith attended meeting with MoE re the decant. MoE has agreed to look into providing 4 temporary buildings on Vogelmorn Park. MoE and Project Manager will contact WCC for approval.

Liaise with Vogelmorn Trust re: use of Vogelmorn Hall for large group activities (eg Kapa Haka).

K Smith to look at how often the Vogelmorn Hall would need to be used and advise C Thurston.

ACTION: C Thurston to liaise with Vogelmorn Trust re: use of Vogelmorn Hall for large group activities.

Who is the Structural Engineer? R Kirkman to send original Bid to the board to check the name of the Structural Engineer.

ACTION: R Kirkman to send original Structural Engineer Bid to Board members.

Fire Alarm upgrade for Admin Block and New Toilets for WCC sign off - $16k - Funding will come from the school's 5YA with the MoE.

The board thanks C Thurston for keeping everything organised with our building project.

Goal 1: Successful Learners

  1. Presentation of Principal's report

Discussion around achievement: Results are following normal/expected patterns for younger students.

Work being done with Carolyn Stuart (Weaving Futures) will help develop deeper empathy and may help raise achievement for individual children.

  1. French Ruru la Chouette: max 2 classes in 2020 with a limit of 45 students. Advertise/recruit a .5 ftte French Teacher. Enrolment criteria: Students must be french speaking to join Ruru. K Smith is talking to FRENZ about funding.

  2. Resolved: that the Board approves a second French Bilingual Class for 2020, including recruiting a .5 French Teacher for the second class.

(Moved, K Smith; Seconded, B Dean; Carried, Unanimously).

  1. The Board is responding to the demand in the community for languages, in term 4 2019 there are now 4 German classes.

  1. Possible Enrolment Scheme for Ridgway, because of higher than projected student numbers. Zoning to be discussed at the next BOT meeting:


General Governance

  1. Kāhui Ako update: meeting tbc

  2. Staff leave requests and leave policy/principal appraisal

    1. Teacher leave request approved.

    2. Leave Policy/Principal Appraisal not discussed.

Goal 4: Involved Community

  1. End of term newsletter: include donations info, property update,

ACTION: Barbara to draft BOT newsletter and send it around.

Goal 2: Inclusive Culture

1. [No matters to discuss]


No other business

Next meeting - Wed 4 December, supper duty?

Meeting closed: 8:35 pm

Signed as a correct record: ____________________________________

Chairperson / /2019

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