Final Board of Trustees Minutes 19 June 2019

Date: Wednesday 19 June2019

Time: 6.30 pm

Venue: Staffroom, Ridgway School


1. Attendees: Kathryn Smith, Barbara Dean, Rachel Kirkman, Jo Pohatu, David Eng, Cushla Thurston, Raelene Sloper

2. Apologies: none

3. New declaration of interests: none

4. NZSTA updates: none

a. Can look at Knowledge Hub where all training is listed.

b. 24 June 6.30pm Wellington Training.

5. Correspondence: Trusteeship - A guide for school trustees 2019; Tukutuku Korero; STA news May 2019, Issue 292;

6. Discussion regarding supper requirements

a. No dietary requirements mentioned

7. Confirmation of Minutes:

Resolved, That the 1 May 2019 Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes are accepted and approved (Moved, B Dean;Seconded, R Kirkman;Carried, Unanimously).

Ridgway's Strategic Aims



· Ridgway's mission, values and strategic goals

o Found in the charter

· Do online NZSTA training module on Strategic plan together

· Plan to update vision and goals by end 2019 ready to submit March 1 2020.

o Will develop a plan to work through these within a timeframe

o Will discuss more extensively in the next meeting

o Be good to establish clarity of the overall direction at a higher level

§ Discussion surrounding process and allowing the Board's work on the strategic goals to be flexible enough to be responded to by the school (teachers etc) and the community.

§ Discussion about being able to create a clear summary that is accessible and easy to read.

§ Need to consider the structure and flow as we develop the mission, values and strategic goals

o We need to develop a vision - that is currently lacking

§ In the next meeting need to discuss who we are and where we are going to provide an overall vision within which to place the goals.

§ What's important for us in how children experience school?

§ We need a clear way to talk about these things with the community, that have also come from the community.

· Discussion of Emergency Management policy

o Lockdown procedure practice occurred at school 2 weeks ago and talked with students.

o The Ministry will publish more in the next few months and we will wait for these guidelines.

Goal 1: Successful Learners


· Presentation of Principal's report

o This is detailed and explanatory to help initiate the new board into their role.

o As a PB4L school we focus on behavior and also what makes a good environment for learning.

§ Helps children feel safe and know what is expected.

o K Smith will aim to have it available for the board the Wednesday before the next board meeting.

§ Please email any questions

o Discussion regarding teacher's hours and their wellbeing.

§ Teacher's work hard to help ensure each student is achieving

§ Ridgway has worked to reduce the load on teachers - one way we have done this is reduce testing on children, which is challenging when ERO have their requirements.

§ Will the latest pay offer make a difference?

§ What can board do?

· Board expectations make a difference and their understanding of teacher's situations is important.

· Developing strategic goals that are in line with what teachers are focusing on and able to do.

o Industrial Action

§ Teachers and Principals will be (separately) accepting or declining offers in next fortnight.

o The board is able to give feedback to K Smith regarding what they would like to see in the Principal's Report

§ It would be great to have a clear understanding of the important things that have been done, and what needs to be done.

· Risks

· What has been achieved (regarding strategic goals)

· Focus on core areas - personnel, building, administration etc

· Perhaps have 1-2 page report with clear links

· Attendance and finance could be covered with a link and only risks/achievements will be highlighted.

· Student achievement will remain the key focus

Resolved, That the board accepts the Principals Report (Moved, B Dean; Seconded, R Kirkman; Carried Unanimously).

Goal 2: Inclusive Culture


- K Smith met with 3 representatives from Muslim families within the school.

- It was good to have the opportunity to meet and to have further discussion regarding how the school can be more inclusive

- As this is a strategic goal, we will continue to work on this and plan to meet with other groups within the school.

Goal 3: Inviting Environment


· Property: update, next steps, decisions to be made by BOT, consultation with community

o A design has been taken to the DRP and has the green light.

o The next step is getting approval for funding on July 24.

o The update is up on the website and the community is being kept informed

o Further information will need to be presented to community part way through term 3.

· Air testing

o The air quality tests suggest that the problem is worsening (they are not considered a health risk) in two rooms and one suggesting has been to replace the carpet in these two rooms.

o Discussion regarding whether the concern is sufficient to replace carpet, or to wait for new air testing and to balance this up with the fact that these buildings may be demolished within a year.

Resolved, That the board approves the purchase of carpet for Room 7 and Room 10 from Carpet Court (Moved, B Dean; Seconded, R Kirkman).

· New toilet block

o We received our Building Warrant of Fitness on June 19. The toilet block Code of Compliance is still to be signed off.

· Phone system

o R Kirkman's husband Nick has met with R Sloper and made recommendations

o Waiting for more information regarding the lift phone.

Action points:

Plan property information evening for the community at the next board meeting

Goal 4: Involved Community


- BOT to meet with staff

Action points:

- Board to meet staff at 3.15 on Friday 2 August afternoon after school.

- B Dean with draft BOT newsletter that introduces board

o Includes information about carpet

o Points to property update


1. Outstanding action points from previous meetings

2. Any other business

a. A teacher has requested one day a week off next term (Term 3) as leave without pay and this requires board approval.

Resolved, That the board approve a staff member to have one day Leave Without Pay each week in Term 3 (Moved, K Smith; Seconded, C Thurston).

3. Next meeting & supper duty

Next meeting: Wednesday 31 July2019, 6.30pm

Supper duty: R Kirkman

Meeting closed: 8:45 pm

Signed as a correct record: ____________________________________

Chairperson / /2019

Summary of action items from meeting 19 June 2019






Work on some governance modules on STA (training)



Come to next meeting with thoughts regarding vision, mission and strategic goals


31 July meeting


Board to meet staff at 3:15pm 2 August.


2 August


B Dean to draft BOT newsletter that introduces board, includes information about carpet and points to property update

B Dean



Plan property update information evening


31 July meeting


Check with Jo about Whānau hui group views on Ridgway name in Te Reo

J Pohatu

31 July meeting


Board to consider name of Ridgway School in Te Reo


Summary of action items from meeting 27 March 2019






Board to discuss fundraising strategy and possible liaison role going forward.



Summary of action items from meeting 20 February 2019






Review 2019 Budget


June/July 2019

Summary of action items from meeting 30 January 2019






Board need to consult and develop school motto.



Summary of action items COMPLETED last meeting





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