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Term 3, Week 7, 2017

Kia ora...

...talofa, ni hao, mālō e lelei, hallo, hola, chomreabsuor, sabaidi, bonjour, namaste, kumaste, kia orana, yassas, as-salam ‘alaykum, cześċ, Kon'nichiwa, and hello to all of our families.

Noho Marae

On Thursday and Friday last week 71 students, over 30 parents, and 4 teachers stayed overnight at Takapūwāhia Marae. It has been a long held goal of our Whānau Hui Group for Ridgway students to have such an opportunity and with their drive and committment, we've been able to make it happen. Many thanks to all members of this group who put considerable effort into planning and organising for our noho.

The overnight marae stay was a wonderful learning opportunity that we will certainly repeat in the future.
Listening to bedtime stories in the Takapūwāhia wharenui

Sit Less, Move More

The Ministry of Health guidelines for children are unequivocal; children need to be physically active for extended periods everyday. This includes 60 minutes of "moderate or vigorous physical activity spread over each day" and in addition should have "a variety of light physical activities for several hours a day." Walking to school is an obvious way of meeting the need for physical activity. If you are still dropping your child off as close to the school gate as you can - it's time to ask yourself if you are making the best choice for your child. A Walking School Bus provides a safe means of walking to school and the more families that get involved the better for all of us.

While at school your child will be involved in daily fitness activities and PE lessons, as well as playing outside most days during break times. Next year we will add the "Bikes in Schools" programme to our curriculum and all children will regularly get to ride a bike and learn about cycle safety. In school physical activity is not enough on it's own (most days) to fully meet any child's need to be active, so parents must share the responsibility for keeping their children physically active.

There are 2 meetings being held next week in our Big Space, the first is about our Walking School Bus Routes and the second is on the Bikes in Schools project. Both of these have been fully explained in previous newsletters.

Walking School Bus

Monday 11 September 2017

7-8 pm

The Big Space

Read more about this in our Week 5 newsletter

If you can't attend the information evening but would like to find out more please contact Sue Campbell. You can pop into Whanau Tui (Rm 1) for a quick chat before or after school or email her; sue@ridgway.school.nz.

Bikes in Schools Project Launch

Wednesday 13 September 2017


The Big Space

Read more about this in our Week 6 newsletter

If you can’t attend but would like to help, email Jasoneady@hotmail.com with your contact details and where you can assist, with skills, or equipment that could benefit the project.

Or for further project information contact the Ridgway Board of Trustees at ridgwaybot@gmail.com

Market Day

Students across the school are busy preparing for our Market Day on Friday next week (15 September). There will be fun and excitement with face painting, music, food for sale and much more.

Market day is organised by the students, for the students and profits will be given to charities that the students have selected. Come and join the action from mid-day.


The choir is in good voice and ready to wow us at the Michael Fowler Centre on Monday 18 September. See more details on our information for Artsplash parents page on our website.

If you haven't already booked tickets and ordered a t-shirt for your child do so as soon as you can via the online form.


Ridgway School will again be a convenient Polling Booth where you can cast your vote in the General Election on Saturday 23 Sept.

Barbarian Productions will be hosting a kids only polling booth at Vogelmorn Bowling Club on election day and from Wednesday to Friday in the week leading up the elections. Read more about this on their website.

Every Day Matters

There is never a good time to take time off school - every day counts. Birthday celebrations should never include a day off school and family holidays should always be scheduled during term breaks.

The only reason to stay away from school is for sickness. If this is the case please let us know as early as you can by ringing the office on 049398771. You don't need to wait until after 9am to do this as you can simply leave a voice message (remember to clearly state your child's name and why they will be absent).

Our office staff will call you if your child is not at school and we don't have a record of being notified of this. Letting us know that your child is unwell saves our office staff time.

Missing school isn't just about missing learning, it's also about all the other opportunities that are missed, including the opportunity to build and maintain friendships. We notice that children who are frequently absent often have difficulty settling back into class routines or struggle with peer group relationships - every day matters!

Yummy Stickers

Every year children benefit from additional sports equipment that is "paid for" in Yummy Stickers. It's now time to send your Yummy Sticker collection sheets back to school. Take these to the office before Friday 22 September so that we can redeem stickers for sports gear.


Please take a look at your child's calendar artwork. Remember to place your order for calendars, notebooks or other items featuring your child's work before Friday next week (15 September).

Wellington Free Ambulance Onesie Day Friday 8 September

Bring a gold coin donation to school on Friday this week and wear your onesie to support Wellington Free Ambulance.

How lucky are we to have the only emergency ambulance service in the country where we don’t have to pay, ever, so this Onesie Day we’re pulling out our onesies, and our wallets to help Wellington Free Ambulance.

Wellington Free Ambulance is the only emergency ambulance service in Greater Wellington and Wairarapa, and the only ones in the country who are free. They look after 1 in 10 of our friends and family every year, and go to 140 emergencies every day.

Onesie Day is Wellington Free’s annual appeal, and the day that they ask everyone in the community to give them a hand. Join us in being the ones here for them.

Hei konā mai

Kathryn Smith


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